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Wheel Fitment Data

Wheel Fitment Data that provides the foundations for your business to grow.
Boughto has utilised years of experience within the digital automotive marketplace and have create a comprehensive dataset that can be used independently or within our cutting edge data-driven fitment tool.

Wheel Fitment Data For Retailers & Manufacturers

Our wheel fitment data covers all of the significant variables required by retailers and manufacturers required to deliver effective and accurate results. Included within the data are all the essential variables such as wheel brand, name and design, colour, finish, size, load bearing, centre bore, vehicle compatibility, offset and more.

Wheel Fitment Data – Why Boughto?

With there being countless amounts of wheel designs and variations, it’s impossible to gather data on all of them by yourself, which is why we’ve done it for you! If are a retailer or manufacturer our wheel fitment data can critically aid your website and in house system and become an irreplaceable and invaluable tool for your company. We also provide a wheel lookup system called Boughto that not only handles the data, but is a full fitment solution, allowing retailers, manufacturers and more to correctly and easily display wheel and tyre results online.

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From Wheel and tyre fitment data solutions, customised wheel and tyre look up systems, Analytical insights, web design to advanced digital marketing.
Working with some of the leading retailers and alloy wheel and tyre manufacturers – we have it covered.